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When I Saw Him.

October 21, 2013
  I see visions. When I pray. When I don’t. When I sleep. When I’m awake. They allow me to see God’s heart. I sometimes see people, not as they are, but as they can be.   I see visions. It’s really nothing new. God often gives them to me as I pray over His children. They help me understand what the Holy Spirit is doing, or what he desires to do in them.   But I wasn’t prepared to have them suddenly stop.   On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we slink into a busted-up matatu, plant ourselves in the raggedy seats, grab the windows and lock our limbs to keep from being thrown across the van as we traverse the bumpiest mountain road in Africa. The pungent vehicle drops us off at Kijabe Hospital, where we spend all day praying.   We pray wi…

The things you learn in Africa.

October 6, 2013
So here I am, one month into my three month trip, and I’m finally coming into an acceptance of things I’ve known in my head for a long time. Christians toss around a lot of terms, sayings, and truths that really don’t hold a lot of value until it is lived out and truly understood.   “God loves you.” This is something I’ve been told since I was born. This is something we toss around all the time. But something I was never able to accept and fully understand until coming here. Actually something I wasn’t able to accept until quite recently. He doesn’t just love me, He LOVES me. I don’t have to do anything, I don’t have to change who I am, I don’t have to pretend to be anything that He hasn’t made me to be. When I begin to accept the love He has for me, I’ll natura…

The Imperfect Church

October 6, 2013
“No, I don’t go to church” “Why Not?” “I don’t like the people.” “Its hypocritical.” “I’m busy on Sunday.” Being in Kenya has taught me a lot about church, and relationships. So many people, including myself have a warped view of church. We see Christians, and expect them to be perfect, and look at a church building and expect to see perfection within its walls. I mean, its what they signed up for when they decided to follow Jesus, right? I’m sorry, but you won’t find that anywhere. Not in Kenya or the United States. Why? Because no matter how hard we try, we are imperfect. We are a bunch of humans, that make mistakes. And that’s what church is. It doesn’t have to be a group of people at 9:00AM Sunday looking at hymns…

I like Africa.

October 6, 2013
Friends and family, I wanted to post a quick update on how things are going here in Kenya and give you a glimpse of what my daily life looks like. We are working within several different ministry outlets. On Tuesdays we go to the orphanage and love on the children and help with maintenance projects. On Thursdays we head up the mountain to Kijabe to work in the hospital and spend all day praying over the patients there and bringing them the hope of the Gospel. On Saturday afternoons we help with a church plant in a back alley of Maai Mahiu. On Sundays we go to church (I actually found a PCA church here!) and then have team time at the house. Mondays are our off days and we can choose whatever we want to do – being an introvert, I generally use these precious days to sit outside on my o…

I Am In a Time Warp.

October 6, 2013
Time is a funny thing. Sometimes it flies by and other times it crawls. The fact is, is that time is relative. It really all depends on how you decide to spend it. If you decide to spend your time dwelling on the future or moping about where you are in the present, the time is going to crawl by. Not only that, but you will look back on the time spent looking into the future in regret. That is probably one of the biggest lessons that I have learned on this trip so far. The first few weeks of this trip all I could think about was how much I missed America and how much I couldn’t wait to get home. Looking back now, I see that that time could have been put to so much more use. I could have been using that time to get to know my teammates better, or pouring love into the locals, but in…

An Encounter with the Holy Spirit

October 6, 2013
Wednesday night I was settling into bed when Rachael came rushing in the room and said we needed to all pray for Alaina. She told us Alaina had been having dreams about demons for about a week. Six or seven of us girls gathered around her bed side and began to pray silently. Anna stopped us and said our silent prayers weren’t going to scare away any demons. I decided to get the rest of our team and involve them as well. Our team packed in to our room along with our leaders. Before we started praying, Shannon asked if anyone else had been experiencing anything like Alaina had been. To my surprise over half our team (including myself) had been “having dreams, waking up every night, or just feeling attacked.” Madison started praying over everyone then one by one we took t…

I am healed !!!

October 5, 2013
It was on Tuesday September 24, 2013 that my life changed. During that night around eight it happened. We had one of our contacts Jason over at our house and he was praying for healing over all teammates who were not feeling well. Jesus has healed many people through him. When he was done praying for the ones who were not feeling well he asked if there was anybody else. I felt something push me into the center. I asked for healing for my epilepsy. While they were praying a couple of people were singing. Someone else said that God wants us to take our shoes off because we were standing on holy ground. People said that they could see angels in the circle, and many people began to pray in tongues. This scared me because I had never heard it before. At that moment I felt this incredibly war…

Unexpected Love

September 30, 2013
I may or may not love Kenya. Okay, I do. I came on this this trip thinking I would like it but not love this place. At first, I was not sure about it. I didn’t even really like it. The first couple weeks we stayed at the Highway Motel while we finished fixing up the school we are staying in now. When I thought of motel, I thought of showers, toilets, wifi, etc. When we got there it was not what I expected. The food was not the best. The showers were cold. The toilets were different. We had one outlet to a room. I thought it was rough. Then we moved to the school. We now have bucket showers, squattie potties, and no power. We have been here for ten days now and I can honestly say I love it. Bucket showers are pretty great. You just fill up a bucket with water and dunk your head in. Mayb…

Life in Kenya

September 29, 2013
-going to Valley Light Children’s Home once a week -praying for hundreds of people in the Kijabe Hospital once a week -walking around Maai Mahiu and asking people if they are saved (here this is not something bold or strange to ask right when you meet someone) -having a VBS for high school aged boys and girls every afternoon -helping start the second location of 61 Project Ministry (the first location is about a 45 min walk away and our contacts here started it) it is a discipleship program for high school aged boys and girls who cannot afford secondary school -helping a woman start a home church that meets on Saturdays -going to a traditional African Church on Sundays -helping paint and clean the 61 Project Building that we now live in -helping build our bunk beds (we don’t k…

What is Church?

September 28, 2013
To most Americans when you think of church you think about a building. The place you go every Sunday to see your friends, to hear the pastor preach, to sing some worship songs. Whatever you think, church is often described as a place. But today, I discovered a new meaning of church. One with no pastor. No instruments. No building. Two weeks ago we were out walking the streets and talking to people we saw, and we met a sweet woman named Ann. She invited us into her small house, served us chai (the drink of choice in Kenya) and shared her story with us. She told us about her children, her life in Maai Mahiu and how she made and sold soap to feed and care for her family. But the part that stuck out to the most was when Ann told us that she had been told by a pastor that the Lord was tell…