Life in Kenya

-going to Valley Light Children’s Home once a week

-praying for hundreds of people in the Kijabe Hospital once a week

-walking around Maai Mahiu and asking people if they are saved (here this is not something bold or strange to ask right when you meet someone)

-having a VBS for high school aged boys and girls every afternoon

-helping start the second location of 61 Project Ministry (the first location is about a 45 min walk away and our contacts here started it) it is a discipleship program for high school aged boys and girls who cannot afford secondary school

-helping a woman start a home church that meets on Saturdays

-going to a traditional African Church on Sundays

-helping paint and clean the 61 Project Building that we now live in

-helping build our bunk beds (we don’t know how sturdy they are)

-having a goat cookout and then keeping one goat (now named Hylton who tries to come in our house and eat our food)

-cooking and making baskets with our sweet neighbors

-constantly having dozens of kids at the building

-playing volleyball, soccer, and basketball on the courts in front of our building

-helping cook all of our food on charcoal stoves that are very different from American stoves

-going to the bathroom in a squatty (a hole in the ground) and using a head lamp to walk across the courts to the squatty in the middle of the night

-taking bucket showers

-getting our water delivered by a donkey cart

-hand washing clothes

-never knowing if your chaco tan is real or mostly dirt

-teaching kids how to play the ukulele and guitar

-having kids play with your hair and wanting you to hold them and hold their tiny hands

-hearing “muzungu” (white person) and “how are you, fine fine” by every child wherever you go

-taking the spiritual gifts test

-not always or most of the time not knowing what the date or time is

-having your bus get stuck in the mud and almost burn out on the way up the mountain to Kijabe

-seeing faith that can move mountains

-experiencing that language and cultural barriers are nothing for our God

-becoming friends with women and visiting them every week and not being allowed to leave until we finish our food!

-seeing Jesus’ light and love in a very dark city

-spending almost every moment with 13 amazing girls who become like family

-becoming great friends with our security guard and very godly man, Samuel

-waking up in the Great Rift Valley in Kenya everyday and trying to trust the Lord each moment knowing He has me right here for a reason

-experiencing our God, His Son, His Spirit, His Presence, His love, His comfort, His Grace, His Mercy, His forgiveness, His healing power, and life in Him in completely new ways everyda

-Being completely at the end of myself and my own strength and understanding and finding rest in my Savior at His feet as I sit in the garden with Him trying to always be still, quiet my wandering heart and mind, and listen to His voice through His Spirit

I love you all!!!


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