An Encounter with the Holy Spirit

Wednesday night I was settling into bed when Rachael came rushing in the room and said we needed to all pray for Alaina. She told us Alaina had been having dreams about demons for about a week. Six or seven of us girls gathered around her bed side and began to pray silently. Anna stopped us and said our silent prayers weren’t going to scare away any demons. I decided to get the rest of our team and involve them as well. Our team packed in to our room along with our leaders. Before we started praying, Shannon asked if anyone else had been experiencing anything like Alaina had been. To my surprise over half our team (including myself) had been “having dreams, waking up every night, or just feeling attacked.” Madison started praying over everyone then one by one we took turns praying. Most of our prayers were casting out demons and declaring God’s freedom and authority in our lives. As everyone was praying I felt the Holy Spirit flood in to the room. I felt God’s love washing over each of us. Six of us took turns stepping in to the center of our circle to be prayed for. When it was my turn, everyone started praying over me and I felt an abundance of love and acceptance. I started declaring freedom from lies I had believed for twenty-one years and freedom from demonic thoughts. I asked God for a clean heart, a clean mind, and to only be burdened by the things that burdened Him. I can’t begin to put in to words the things that happened that night or the way the Holy Spirit intervened and wrecked us all. Not only that, but it was the first time our team had united and bonded together like a true family. I know we are in a spiritual battle everyday and it’s only going to get worse from here, but God has been and continues to build up some mighty warriors in our family. I’m so grateful for my team and for an All-Powerful God who reigns in Kenya! Bring on the next two months!

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