I am healed !!!

It was on Tuesday September 24, 2013 that my life changed. During that night around eight it happened. We had one of our contacts Jason over at our house and he was praying for healing over all teammates who were not feeling well. Jesus has healed many people through him. When he was done praying for the ones who were not feeling well he asked if there was anybody else. I felt something push me into the center. I asked for healing for my epilepsy. While they were praying a couple of people were singing. Someone else said that God wants us to take our shoes off because we were standing on holy ground. People said that they could see angels in the circle, and many people began to pray in tongues. This scared me because I had never heard it before. At that moment I felt this incredibly warm presence, and it felt like someone’s arms were wrapped around me. I realized it was Jesus and at that moment I had peace in my mind and I was not scared anymore. Jesus was in that circle with me and it was the most amazing thing I had ever experienced!! When we were done praying all I could say is wow. At that moment I knew what had just happened Jesus had just healed me of my seizure disorder. I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was ten years old and now I do not have to worry or think about it. All I need to do is praise God and thank him every day for this incredible blessing. The morning after the healing I woke up at five in the morning with tons of energy and my appetite was crazy. I was ready to go praise God. I felt and feel like a whole new person. I am still trying to process what has happened to me. This has been something that has stopped many of my goals or has made it very hard to succeed, and now I know that anything is possible with Christ. I have beat medication, doctors, and tests. God has amazing plans for my life and I am ready!!

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