I brought people to Jesus!

Africa has been quite the adventure. It's been one of the most challenging experiences of my life. I have doubted my ability and stability for the last few months, but God has been sure to show me my inner strength.There has been times were  debated going home, but here I am with only three short weeks left. I can almost say, I did it!

I have always questioned my ability to talk to random strangers, let alone Kenyan's who dont speak english. So it was a stuggle for me to do door-to-door ministry at first. When we were told that we would be staying with three different tribes over a span of 6 weeks I was in a bit of a panic. I usually let the more confient speakers on the team talk before me. I would ask one or two questions and then carry onto the next house. I feared judgement from my fellow team mates and the foreigners- was I asking dumb questions? I was consumed with what others thought of me rather then the real task at hand, spreading the Gospel.

It wasn't until the third tribe, Pokot that it was reveled to me how much I really had to say. We were doing door to door and I was placed in a small group with Breanne and Emily C.. In the Pokot tribe many of the people have never heard of Jesus, so our mission began with us starting at square one; telling Jesus' story. I let the other two girls tell their families his story and I stayed near the back, fearful that I may say the wrong thing. We arrived at the third hut with 3 woman waiting to hear what we had to say. Two of them were pregnant and looked to be between 18 and 20 years old, but neither of them knew how old they were since they did't know their birthday. I asked if they had heard of Jesus and they nodded no. I looked to the other girls to start talking, but they both looked at me and said- you tell them. I hesitated and my anxiety rose, but I knew in this moment I had to share his story. I proceeded to tell the story of Jesus, and slowly by surely it was translated to the three woman. When I was finished there was a long pause. I was worried I confused them, or missed parts of the story but then the translator spoke "They want to accept Jesus as their personal savior".

I couldn't believe the words I was hearing. I was actually bringing people to Jesus! For the first time I saw myself as someone who could have an impact and change someones life. There was no judgement passed, only smiles exchanged. I thank God for giving me the words needed that day, and everyday since then.

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