This is training camp

Delayed flights, misunderstandings, and lost luggage made up the start of my trip. It was emotional, it was messy, but I tried to make the best of it. Training camp wasn't really any easier and I wasn't sure I was ready for what I had gotten myself into. We went on the streets of Atlnta to minister and talk to anyone and everyone we saw on the streets. It took us awhile to build up the courage to talk to anyone but when we finally did, we quickly realized that all people really want is your time. Someone to listen to them, because lets be real, how often do you give a homeless person your time? Sure, you might give them your money or food, and that definitely helps, but its so rare for someone to give their time. Especially when we live in a society where time is of the essence and everyone is busy, with not even time enough for themselves.

We left downtown Atlanta and went to Gainesville for the rest of our training. Since we' ve been here its been an awesome experience to learn and reflect and share and get to know the people around us. Its strange being with so many people I don't know, and yet feeling so connected already.
But now…

I'm ready to be in Africa. 

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