Perfect Love cast out fear

 *Dated back to early October
God takes away all feelings of fear! One lovely day, Richelle, Ann  (a kiku friend), and I hiked up a mountain near our house while living in pokot. I did not know what I was getting my self into . I had to climb on all fours on the way up and on the way back down , talk about real hiking. It was super slipperly, and there were thorns and catacus everywhere. I didn't know what kinda animals where up there, and I didnt want to find out. I did see snake skins!
   As we reached the top of the mountain  we had to boost ourself up onto a Cliff! When I finally got up, I was overwhelmed by the beauty. The green landscape was breath-taking. We were so high up that birds were flying below us. I was scared half to death, but it was worth it.  I do not like heights, but God took me to the top of the mountain to show me He is always near and to show me the beautiful pokot land!
Most of the way up and when we reached the bottom, I told Richelle and Ann I would never climb that again ….
The next week, one of the last days in pokot, I climbed the same mountain yet again. This time our whole team went up with the pastor. When we got to the top, we sat down and prayed over Pokot! We prayed for the schools, the government, and the next elections. We prayed for RAIN and for the sick life stock. We prayed healing over the sick children and people. We prayed for the pokot people to rise from the dead and be alive in Christ. We prayed for the women and that old traditions would be made new! We prayed that God's presence would be made known and that the church, the bride, would not  be afraid to fight against old, horrible traditions. It was a hike up there and very scary for me, but the climb was worth it!
God let it rain everyday for a couple of hours, for days after we climbed up that mountain! God didn't have to answer our prayers but He wanted us to see that He heard us and will always come through and answer our prayers.
It's amazing to see God change me the more I lean on him . When we surrender everything to God, we open doors for Him to come and work and show you how great He is. There is no point of being afraid because God cast out fear.
Give it all to God,  

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