The things you learn…

These are some of the things I have learned while being in Kenya about African LIfe.

  • Cars and bikes before pedestrians on the street and sidewalks
  • Clothes are never clean, even after washed
  • Chipote and Mandazis are my favorite foods here
  • 2 hours late is the norm
  • Waking up at 7:30 is considered sleeping in for me
  • Fruit is much sweeter here
  • I have an average of a 3 hour service of church and there are 2 services
  • Bota Bota races are more common between the drivers than the people riding them
  • I haven't used a toilet in a month—just a squatty
  • Children screaming "How are you?" is never something that lacks
  • Tanlines on your feet is usually just dirt
  • Goat and Cows crossing the road loose is not a random event
  • There is always room for one more is not taken lightly here…we fit 22 mzungus in a 14 passenger hippie van
  • Women and children do carry food on their heads
  • Mzungus get laughed at a lot

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