Love is not a language

 My time in Kenya has begun in full force! So far it has been a reminder to me of what authentic love looks like. A feeling that evokes every emotion and action.  

We are swarmed by the bright faces of children daily. My heart has gravitated to a young boy, Felix. He seems to find my hand everyday to slip his into, followed with a shy smile. We have exchanged love since I have only learned to speak a little Swahili. I have discovered he is a Compassion child. From what I have observed I believe he lives in a very tiny wood shack on the street. I do not yet know if he is sponsored.  

We got to partner with Compassion Intl. the other day. We were able to care for and play with 200 children stricken with poverty.   Later I met a young man that had been sponsored through his entire youth. He referred to the Mzungu (white) woman as his mother. She was able to bless him with an education and a future of great health.

  I hope to do the same for Felix.  

Kenya is a beautiful and lively country. I have been dancing and singing with the most freedom! Being stretched beyond my comforts when asked to pray over the children of the church during my first visit. I was also asked to lead a small session of musical worship during the same service!  

At times I feel famous from the amount of stares received; other times like an embarrassed foreigner! Being stripped of everyday comforts becomes a sweet release of my understanding. Life is different in Kenya. Life is more difficult here; but also much more simple with great reward.  

I look forward to having my worldview revised more each day. Reigning in my own desires to help fulfill others ambitions is my goal.  When questions arise in my mind of what may come later I am reminded; love God and love people and my duty is fulfilled!   

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