And so it begins.

While running through security at the Kansas City airport, the reality of this trip finally hit me. No, not that I’m late for my first of four flights (off to a great start) but my 9 months of preparation were over. I had been praying about this day, this summer, and my teammates since I was accepted last fall and the day was finally here! I was headed to my first stop on the way to Busia, Kenya -Training Camp in Georgia.

Now you may be wondering “Wait, what are you doing in Georgia? I thought you were already in Kenya.” Well, at the beginning of each launch the participants, the team leaders, and staff meet in Atlanta, Georgia for what is called Training Camp. For the past few days, we have been learning about our field sites, getting to know our teammates, what our ministry will look like, and (most importantly) the food we will be eating.

There is so much I want to tell you all but let me just highlight my favorite part of Training Camp – my team!! We have a total of 23 Passport participants (19 women and 4 men) ranging from recent high school graduates to seniors in college. After just two days, we could easily win the award for the loudest team. My team blends together so perfectly that you can see God’s hand in each member. We are the most joyful, goofy, charismatic group I have ever been a part of and if I keep laughing at this rate I’m coming home with abs of steel.

My time at Training Camp has been so beneficial in helping to equip me for my work in Busia that I simply cannot wait to leave in the morning! I have already been able to see a small change in myself during the last few days and I can feel nothing but excitement when I think what two months will do in me and my team!

Please pray safe travels for my team and for all teams as we depart to nations all across the world tomorrow.  

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